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Apr 8 Apr 8
Apr 8 Apr 8

Let’s do brunch, & learn

Did you know that Picton is in the path of totality?

Join us for an informative discussion on the Total Solar Eclipse with Astrophysicist Prof. Sarah Rugheimer, Harvard PhD. and Allan I. Carswell Chair at York University

Enjoy a delightful breakfast while immersing yourself in an interactive and educational experience. Breakfast will include Vegetarian Frittata, Potato Pavé and Greens. 

Secure your Ticket! — $50 — ticket is inclusive of tax and gratuity


Prof. Sarah Rugheimer is an astrophysicist and the Allan I. Carswell Chair at York University in Toronto. She works on how to detect life on an exoplanet by looking for atmospheric biosignatures. Here research interests are modelling the atmosphere and climate of extrasolar planets with a particular focus on atmospheric biosignatures in Earth-like planets as well as modelling early Earth conditions. 

She earned her bachelor’s degree in physics at the University of Calgary, and her M.A. and Ph.D. at Harvard in Astrophysics. She then took the Simons Origins of Life Research Fellowship to St. Andrews followed by a Glasstone Research Fellowship at Oxford. In addition to research, Sarah is interested public outreach. Her TED talk “The Search for Microscopic Aliens” has 1.7 million views on She previously has been awarded the Barrie Jones Award and the BSA Rosalind Franklin Lectureship in 2019, and the Caroline Herschel Lectureship Prize in 2018. Her new astrobiology course for the public is available on Amazon Audible Originals, called “Searching for Extraterrestrial Life“.